Welcome to the official website of KASCH - interier s.r.o. The company was established in 1991 and since the very beginning it has been engaged in the production and complete equipment interior on the key.

The team of workers involved in all interior design work are people with long-term experience and knowledge of designing, projection and all activities associated with the industry. A sample of our interior designs can be found in the "Interior Designs" section. The property of our company is our own production plant and  all delivery and assembly of our products directly to the customer.

You can imagine the quality, reliability and service of our customers by yourself, following the "References" and "Photogallery" columns, where you can see some of the actions taken.

The furniture is manufactured using the latest edge-on-edge systems. System Airtec guarantees a perfect zero gap effect without the use of hot melt adhesive.







Laminated boards
On our products using laminated borads from Egger or Kaindl company. Laminated coated boards excelent high durability and resistant against sratcehs, abrasions and impacts. This properties in combination with long life time and easy maintenance are ideal especially in commercial aplications and in the manufacture of furniture. LTD lamino bords are hygiene harmless emissions releases formaldehyde meet the class E1 criteria.


We working with quality products from germany producer furniture fittings Blum, Kettich which offers solutions from the hinge to the the socket systém.


Accurate formatting
Large saw blade allows precise formattinh of materiál with minimal waste. Due to the automation and great logistics of the machine, are almost 100% of the materiál can be used.


Milling, shaping
Our production has a large format CNC milling and therefore we are able to proces board materials into differently fractured shapes, including holes and milled details.


Clear edges
For high quality of all processed edge furnitures stay braking machine, which edge is applied using the latest sytem. Systém AIRTEC guarantees a perfect zero gapwithout the use of the hot melt adhesive. We use 1mm thick edges on all products.


We bring you an extensive photo gallery of your processed and realized interiors.
Click on the thumbnail to get inspiration from photos and suggestions that will guide you in making decisions.










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Prausková Lenka

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Lichý Pavel

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